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You’re at my personal website.

I’m running this website to catalogue general tools and scripts that I’ve found helpful/made to help my community, in this case mostly the MYOB Exo Business community (Formerly known as Exonet in the old days before I’d ever heard of it).

About Will:
I’m a millennial who was raised by two programmers.  My dad is still in business selling quota management software for the New Zealand fishing industry, and via a roundabout route I’ve found myself as an Exo consultant (also some other products, but Exo is unreservedly my favorite). I was taught from an early age to multiply solutions, not problems, and the value of sharing with your community. I believe in open software development, and while the products I support are proprietary, the structures and solutions I develop help no one sitting in a box. I like sharing.
I’ve dabbled in teaching (both primary and tertiary), I used to work for MYOB (Accounting, AccountRight, Payroll, Exo Employer Services, Just Invoices, Exo Business and Advanced), and I now work for Focus Technology Group in Christchurch, New Zealand.

As a consultant I focus on:

  • Help clients find the real question.
  • Make the world better through collaboration.
  • Detailed Reporting work in a variety of platforms.
  • Custom EDI setup and maintenance to streamline day to day processing.
  • Bank Feeds.
  • Converting data from one thing to another.

This website is my attempt to cultivate community, sharing, and keep myself from forgetting cool tricks.

Hiring me:

If you want to contract my services all requests need to go via my employer Focus.  Their contact us form is here.

If you want to chat to me about something (I like talking nerdy SQL or Exo things especially then drop me a line on the MYOB forum.

Or you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Sorry I’m not providing an email address here, I don’t want to deal with the inevitable web spam at this stage.