Coming soon – Report Scheduling out of Exo.

Please note, this is a problem that has been solved repeatedly, most notably by Cellophane I’m not trying to replace Cellophane, but I’ve got slightly different needs, and I want to show the full how to on how to write a Cellophane-lite application, something which I’ve been doing with Powershell at a few places already. […]

MYOB EXO – Stored Procedure to recalc GL (Fast)

The standard utilities for Exo are slow to recalculate GL Balances and movement. This is because: They delete records line by line, which gets really slow for the GLMovements table in most databases. They take forever to update the resulting data, because most Exo functions work on a line-by-line basis, rather than calculating as a […]

MYOB Exo – Useful SQL Server Scalar Functions

The following are a collection of User Defined Functions I’ve found variously on the Internet. I use these extensively now to do simple data transforms when pulling reports, such as converting all line breaks to pipe characters so that copy/paste into Excel works nicely. Behind the cut I’ve got several functions, and they’re all wrapped […]

MYOB EXO API – Simple Test Script in Powershell

This will be primairily of use to Exo Consultants who need to verify what data an endpoint produces, or to Developers just getting started with the API who want to see what a very simple formula might look like. It’s worth noting that like most long-time Exo consultants, I’m so comfortable with database calls that […]

MYOB Exo API – Some errors explained.

This post will be a catalogue of errors I’ve had interacting with the MYOB Exo API, and how to resolve them. Code: Unable to load ModuleSecurity for ‘appid=4400’Appears: Error appears when doing any requests apart from discovery.Meaning: The module ‘4400’ is unlicensed. 4400 is the API.Resolution: Make sure the API License is loaded in Exo […]

MYOB Exo – Some Standard Keys

One of the things I struggle with is how hard it can be to find Keys for what various fields in Exo mean. Behind the cut, scripts for adding keys to:SALESORD_HIST Event keysPURCHORD_HIST Event keysGL_TRANS Source Types keysFixed Asset ASSETSTAT keyAnd a view for translating different types of Accounts. (Technically the Companies view already does […]